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Country Store

I could spend hours in an old time country store.  The true to the time country store with rockers on the front porch, candy in whiskey barrels and antiques hanging from the rafters.  As a young girl, my parents introduced me to history through antiques and travel.  This page is where I am offering my personal hand-embroidered pieces, as well as a few treasures that will take you back in time. All prices shown include shipping.

Hand-stitched apron in red-work. Machine washable (gentle)

Hand-stitched towel in red work

Hand-stitched towel in Multicolor

Hand-stitched towel in red work.

Scarecrow Hand-stitched towel

Hand-stitched towel in red work

Hand-stitched towel in red work.

Hand-stitched Towel in red work.

Hand-stitched towel in multi-color

Hand-Stitched Henney Penney with Basket

Kitten Ironing with Pink

Hand-stitched "Fresh Eggs" towel

Hand-stitched "Stacked Animals" tea towel

Hand-stitched "Laundry Day" towel

Hand-stitched Chicken Family

Hand-stitched Rooster in red work

Hand-stitched "Farm Living" in red work

Hand-stitched "Home Made Jam" in red work

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